Firvale Clinic:- Southampton



All of the team at Firvale Clinic are able to answer most of your questions about treatments and procedures. Feel free to ask at any time we are here to help you and if we can not give you an answer Dr Berry is always on hand for those more demanding questions that sometimes arise. Its fair to say that all the staff have at one time or another had one or more of the procedures so they can also can advise you from experience about the various treatments available.

All of our team are able to discuss and advise you on the finance packages available at Firvale Clinic

Our Team


Dr Carolyn Berry

Dr. Berry is the clinics founder and clinical director. She has over 20 years experience in the field of cosmetic medicine and is a world trainer for number of the procedures at the clinic as well as being an innovator of new treatments


Chrissie Lickfold

Chrissie is the Clinic's fulltime receptionist and acting practice manager. She joined the team officially at the start of July but had been working with us for a number of weeks before. She has previously worked in a wide area of PA and reception jobs and brings enthusiasm and an ability to ensure your experience at the clinic will always be smothly managed


Danielle Dyer

Danielle is one of Firvale Clinic's primary Aesthetic Clinicians. She joined the clinic in June and is responsible for many of the laser and beauty therapy treatments available.She has a natural eye for treatment as well as a great sense of humour and an ability to both communicate and work with patients. Many of you may know her from her last roll at Eastern Arts


Sara Davies

Sara is one of our Aesthetic therapists and is resopnsible for all the main treatments as well as providing our more hollistic treatments incluning Reflexology.


Alisha Wellington

Alisha is one of our Aesthetic Therapista and is responsible for all the main treatments at Firvale Clinic. She is also a Massage Therapist and provides all levels of massage for out patients.