.Bio Identical Hormones are the natural replacement for reduced hormone levels caused by ageing and are designed to suit your personal needs on a bespoke level


Firvale Clinic offers this revolutionary way to remove fat through freezing that destroys the fat cells and stops them from returning. With similar results to Vaser Lipo but with no down time,surgical risk and at a lower cost .


Silhouette Lift is a simple way to have all the effects of a face lift without the surgery. Using degradable strings the ares that need lifted can be but without the need for the knife and the down time associated..


EndyMed Pro DEEP uses the latest radio frequency technology to stimulate your skin cell and tighten skin that has lost its tightness. HIghly effective of the face , bum, tum and thighs.


Developed at Firvale Clinic from Dr Bruce Katz original procedure Dr Berry has refined the procedure so there is less down time and fewer treatments for the same effect


Firvale Clinic offers a wide range of wrinkle smoothing packages from the Botox type treatments through to dermal fillers all of which can reduce lines and are highly effective especially when combined..


Ultherapy is a non-surgical lifting procedure for the face and neck that uses tried-and-true ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen your skin from deep within.


Hydrafacial is an augmentation procedure that not only cleanses the skin but when used as a course of treatments will help to fill and tone as well.